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Humor, Satire Fit Snugly on Comfort Quest
Definitely, this is the first album in history to mention jogging in more than one song, right? [Read More...]
Brian Hudson on his new release, Comfort Quest
It has been more two years since I last spoke to Brian Hudson about his music. This past March, Hudson released his latest album, Comfort Quest. In addition to discussing the challenges of recording this new album, Hudson opened up about moving to New Orleans and the impact the change in surroundings has had on the singer/songwriter’s music. [Read More...]
Sensitive without Being Mush Mouthed
Hudson owes no real debt to the past... [Read More...]
New Newsletter and a Tumblr Account

Hey y'all,

For the long-form news on affairs with my musical life, please check out the Newsletter and for a blow-by-blow, on my musical activities, check out my Tumblr blog.   Also, my new CDs are available to order from CDBaby now.

I'll be busking hard over the next couple of weeks while Jazz Fest fills New Orleans with even more visitors than usual.  Come find me on Royal or Chartres singin' solo or backing up Christina Friis!


An Update on Affairs...


Re: New album...

Diligently, I've been wading through the tasks created following a successful Kickstarter campaign.  I got cds mailed out to all of you who supported my new album.  Cross your fingers the postal service don't bungle it!

Also, Comfort Quest is now available on CDBaby... here's that link:

It'll be on Itunes soon. 


Re: Music-playing

My patchwork musical career continues on its strange course in New Orleans.  Last night, I hit the street with my comrade Christina Friis-Nielson and her friend Chris Adkins.  We jammed at the corners of Royal/St. Louis and Royal/Toulouse.  

The streets of the French Quarter are open to anyone who fancies himself an entertainer.  People camp in their minivans in front of the prime corners and stake their claim on the valuable real estate for the next day.  

A busker's permit is not required.  And so the result is that the French Quarter has someone on practically every corner practicing their crafts all day long... and that's what I'm doing too.


Re: Other mentionables

I'll be headed to Houston this weekend to celebrate a wedding... congratulations to Matt and Rachel!  



It's "news"letter time again here folks... all the details of current affairs at Brian Hudson Incorporated can be found in these humble pages.  


Hello y'all...

Please note that the show on Wednesday, November 14th at 14 Pews in Houston is not happening any longer.  But I'll still be playing Thursday in Galveston at the Old Quarter and Friday in Houston at JP Hops House, both shows with Matt Harlan.

My apologies to everyone, especially Patricia, who I know had wrangled her possee together for this one...


No-News News

Looking forward to getting back to Texas to play some more music this November... in the meantime, I've been getting my internet avatar up to date... linked in a couple of old videos on this website I mined from Youtube... polished up the old Sonic Bids page.  

Been having a nice Sunday in front of the computer screen...


Brian Hudson Incorporated Relocates Corporate Headquarters

Hello again,

Time for the annual update.  Brian Hudson Incorporated Headquarters has recently relocated to New Orleans just in time for a storm.  But not to worry folks, not even God could slow down capitalist progress...

Here at Brian Hudson Inc, we're committed to getting the edge on our competition.  So while the rest of the folkies are holing up in their shanties across the Crescent City, striking campfires and communing through song, we're donning suit and tie as we prepare to strike important business relations with the man.  

Anyway, I just wanted everyone to know that we're still working smart over here at Brian Hudson Inc.  


Not to worry though Texans, we're still keeping regional offices in our favorite cities.  Feel free to check the Shows section of this site to find out when we'll be open for business.

Also, for all you planners, the Tomball show at Main St. Crossing has been moved to September 20...

A Little Memorial Festival in Texas
Brian is surely one to see again. [Read More...]
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