Brian Hudson – Into The Black

Brian Hudson – Into The Black 

8 years, a lot of gigs, leading act at most of the american and canadian folk festivals., Brian hudson from the powerfolk group the Hudson had enough. Into the black is the first debut album. His particular style is reminiscent of elliot smith. Brian said in an interview that he listened a lot to Elliot smith. The opening line of "I just want a little distance" is not related to brian's musical background but regarding his romantic life. He separated from his love the nature of that separation is the core, the essence of the extraordinarily beautiful songs in the album into the black. Sad for Brian but very good for the listner or fans. 

The 8 melancholic songs where he expresses his loneliness don't become melodramatic. They are just that of pure beauty/ sincerity. Intimate guitar tunes and the right emotion in his introspective voice is the basis of an album that begins as carefree and easy of but it's in reality, intringuing. its a personal/intimate album and is composed of 8 semi-acoustic songs.

Brian Hudson – working for a woman (audiofile)

(Johan Schoenmakers) 

(translated from Dutch by Wade Hall's friend)


Johan Schoenmakers
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