Humor, Satire Fit Snugly on Comfort Quest
Definitely, this is the first album in history to mention jogging in more than one song, right? [Read More...]
Sensitive without Being Mush Mouthed
Hudson owes no real debt to the past... [Read More...]
Best Concept Album/Disc
Best Concept Album/Disc: Brian Hudson writes songs of relationship disillusionment better than anybody. His new release “Into The Black” is a beacon in the fog of fluffy, cuddly love songs.
Into the Black - Minireview follows a reliably solid course of steady folk artistry. [Read More...]
CD review: Hudson is a master songwriter
Nobody, but nobody, writes songs of relationship disillusionment better than Hudson. [Read More...]
Brian Hudson – Into The Black
"...elegant and undeniably beautiful songs..." [Read More...]
Brian Hudson's Into the Black: Four Stars
"...mordant and often brooding lyrics conveyed in pitch perfect incongruous up-beat melodies." [Read More...]
Indie Folkie Goes Solo
"A guy version of an angry, white woman contemporary album." [Read More...]
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