Note from Minnesota

We’ve been having a great time folks.  We’ve had the privilege of seeing much of the American Mid and North West and have been enjoying the cooler weather up in these parts. 

Since Harlan won the million dollar guitar and got to perform at Telluride almost three weeks ago, we’ve been through Utah, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, and Minnesota playing gigs, seeing old buds, and making some new ones on our way.  We’ve performed at yoga studios, wineries, bars, coffee shops, parties, and after-parties as well.  One after-party in particular landed us under a brilliant display of stars beside a scene at Idaho’s Red Fish Lake that might make old Bob Ross blush with envy (if he wasn’t dead). 

 We also played a gig where there were more dogs than people.  It got me in a sentimental mood missing the hound I had to leave on the farm. 


Now before we part ways, Harlan and I want to point you guys toward a very special upcoming show at Flipnotics in Austin on July 23rd.  Not only will this be a homecoming show of sorts me and ol’ Harl, but we’re also going to have the privilege and honor of hearing the great Owen Temple and Adam Carroll as they interpret the music of legendary country music songwriter Gary Floater.  Me and Matt might end up doing a Floater song as well, so save your ears for this great bill folks!

Matt and I also want to thank the following people for the kindness they’ve shown us on our tour: John Wilson in Houston, John and Lori in Duluth, Mike Swenson for the hang in Bismarck, James in Bismarck, Reba in Ogden (for a rich hang on a work night), Lee Penn Sky and Callie for digs in Boise, Marsha and Denise in Sandpoint, Mary Louise and Patty Zapp in Missoula, and Parker Graves and family in Billings. 


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