I'm rededicating this section of my page to describing my experience touring through the American West and Midwest.  Tomorrow morning, Matt Harlan's driving in from Houston and we're meeting at my parents' house where we're going to pack the van, rehearse, and head out for the first in a long string of gigs that will employ us for the next two months.  We'll be visiting places I've never been and revisiting some old havens as well.  

If you know me, you probably know how much I've obsessed over the idea of picking up and leaving Austin lately.  The reasons I stay are not completely clear to me, but at least one of them is undeniably legitimate: there's no better place to make music than Austin, TX... there are other places to make music, but none has the density of musicians and venues that we have.  But my desire to gtf out of here persists... so I'm hoping that a long music tour does the trick and satisfies the wanderlust. 

Other stuff that might be of interest...


In case you don't know already, this upcoming tour was the product of a joint hustling effort by myself and Matt.  There was no agent.  Since I'd approached Matt about joining me on this tour, most of the onus was on me, at least initially, to get some dates on the books.  And so for three months I devoted most of my time to rustling up gigs that I found through friends and the internet.  

At the beginning of May, I decided I was done and stopped booking.  And almost immediately I felt an emptiness of purpose overtake me.  

So when I tried to fill the vacuum with music-writing, I couldn't.  Somehow, over the course of my adult-life, I've grown addicted to working.  But the working mindset, the business-oriented brain, once again revealed itself to be the enemy of the creative mindset.  I think needed to rehabilitate from what Jack Wilson calls the "booking frenzy."  That's where you turn yourself into a multitasker and list-maker to the extent that you can't focus on anything for more than a few minutes... anyway, song-writing usually requires at least a half-an-hour of attention, so it wasn't happening for me.  

I'm hoping my attention span and the sense that I'm alive finds me again on the road.  And just in case you're thinking of becoming a booking-agent, I've found that it's not only hard work but it also kind of fucks you up in the process.  And in case you're getting a booking agent, don't be pissed off when they suck 15% of your take away.  Just be greatful you didn't book the show yourself and write a check!


I'll be hanging out at Icenhauer's tonight (83 Rainey Street) after 8pm.  Please come say hello/goodbye!

If you've got friends in West Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kansas, Arkansas, or East Texas, let 'em know we're coming.  

Tomorrow and Thursday, we're in San Angelo... 

With love, Brian



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