Hudson and Harlan Hit Marfa

Somewhere between Ft. Davis and Marfa, TX.


Yesterday we got into Marfa, TX after a stay at the La Quinta in Ft. Stockton.  On our way we stopped off at the Balmorhea swimming hole and took a dip there.  So far, we’re having a lot of fun... we’re hitting some old haunts and some new ones too... hanging out with old friends, hanging out with new friends.  I’d like to just real quick thank our gracious hosts in Angelo: Shawn Lewis for the digs and house concert and Toni at Fifi’s for the gig.  Also, big thanks to the Library in Ft. Stockton for funding our concert at the Zero Stone Park. 

Okay, so Marfa, in case you hadn’t heard has a reputation for being a strange and interesting place.  But it’s not just empty promo buzz; this place is unlike any small town I’ve visited.  There’s an eclectic mix of hipsters and cowboys haunting the streets on Saturday night, and people are talkative, snarky, and like to mix it up.  That seems to hold true for the locals as well as the visitors.

Last night, we met and got to hang out with a writer from Pitchfork, the lead singer of the El Orbits and Banana Blender Surprise (Sir David Bebe), and also, good ol’ Bo Hill just happened to be in town buying an airstream. 

It was an oddly familial gathering.  By some Marfan magic, Bo happened to know David’s little brother, the writer chick (who was visiting from New York) knew some member of David’s family, I knew Bo, and Matt and David knew each other from Houston.  As Matt noted, despite our somewhat random convergence in Marfa, there was a nexus connecting all of us to one another. 

Speaking of things no one seems to be able to account for, we’re going to try to see the Marfa lights tonight... and tomorrow we’re going to play on Marfa public radio (93.5), and head down to Terlingua for a gig at the Starlight Theater, and then we’re headed to New Mexico.  Tell your peeps!

Note to Mama... so far the road has been friendly kind to us.  The van seems trust-worthy, we're eating enough, and almost sleeping enough.  

More soon...


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