Brian Hudson Incorporated Relocates Corporate Headquarters

Hello again,

Time for the annual update.  Brian Hudson Incorporated Headquarters has recently relocated to New Orleans just in time for a storm.  But not to worry folks, not even God could slow down capitalist progress...

Here at Brian Hudson Inc, we're committed to getting the edge on our competition.  So while the rest of the folkies are holing up in their shanties across the Crescent City, striking campfires and communing through song, we're donning suit and tie as we prepare to strike important business relations with the man.  

Anyway, I just wanted everyone to know that we're still working smart over here at Brian Hudson Inc.  


Not to worry though Texans, we're still keeping regional offices in our favorite cities.  Feel free to check the Shows section of this site to find out when we'll be open for business.

Also, for all you planners, the Tomball show at Main St. Crossing has been moved to September 20...

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