An Update on Affairs...


Re: New album...

Diligently, I've been wading through the tasks created following a successful Kickstarter campaign.  I got cds mailed out to all of you who supported my new album.  Cross your fingers the postal service don't bungle it!

Also, Comfort Quest is now available on CDBaby... here's that link:

It'll be on Itunes soon. 


Re: Music-playing

My patchwork musical career continues on its strange course in New Orleans.  Last night, I hit the street with my comrade Christina Friis-Nielson and her friend Chris Adkins.  We jammed at the corners of Royal/St. Louis and Royal/Toulouse.  

The streets of the French Quarter are open to anyone who fancies himself an entertainer.  People camp in their minivans in front of the prime corners and stake their claim on the valuable real estate for the next day.  

A busker's permit is not required.  And so the result is that the French Quarter has someone on practically every corner practicing their crafts all day long... and that's what I'm doing too.


Re: Other mentionables

I'll be headed to Houston this weekend to celebrate a wedding... congratulations to Matt and Rachel!  


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