New Newsletter and a Tumblr Account

Hey y'all,

For the long-form news on affairs with my musical life, please check out the Newsletter and for a blow-by-blow, on my musical activities, check out my Tumblr blog.   Also, my new CDs are available to order from CDBaby now.

I'll be busking hard over the next couple of weeks while Jazz Fest fills New Orleans with even more visitors than usual.  Come find me on Royal or Chartres singin' solo or backing up Christina Friis!


An Update on Affairs...


Re: New album...

Diligently, I've been wading through the tasks created following a successful Kickstarter campaign.  I got cds mailed out to all of you who supported my new album.  Cross your fingers the postal service don't bungle it!

Also, Comfort Quest is now available on CDBaby... here's that link:

It'll be on Itunes soon. 


Re: Music-playing

My patchwork musical career continues on its strange course in New Orleans.  Last night, I hit the street with my comrade Christina Friis-Nielson and her friend Chris Adkins.  We jammed at the corners of Royal/St. Louis and Royal/Toulouse.  

The streets of the French Quarter are open to anyone who fancies himself an entertainer.  People camp in their minivans in front of the prime corners and stake their claim on the valuable real estate for the next day.  

A busker's permit is not required.  And so the result is that the French Quarter has someone on practically every corner practicing their crafts all day long... and that's what I'm doing too.


Re: Other mentionables

I'll be headed to Houston this weekend to celebrate a wedding... congratulations to Matt and Rachel!  



It's "news"letter time again here folks... all the details of current affairs at Brian Hudson Incorporated can be found in these humble pages.  


Hello y'all...

Please note that the show on Wednesday, November 14th at 14 Pews in Houston is not happening any longer.  But I'll still be playing Thursday in Galveston at the Old Quarter and Friday in Houston at JP Hops House, both shows with Matt Harlan.

My apologies to everyone, especially Patricia, who I know had wrangled her possee together for this one...


No-News News

Looking forward to getting back to Texas to play some more music this November... in the meantime, I've been getting my internet avatar up to date... linked in a couple of old videos on this website I mined from Youtube... polished up the old Sonic Bids page.  

Been having a nice Sunday in front of the computer screen...


Brian Hudson Incorporated Relocates Corporate Headquarters

Hello again,

Time for the annual update.  Brian Hudson Incorporated Headquarters has recently relocated to New Orleans just in time for a storm.  But not to worry folks, not even God could slow down capitalist progress...

Here at Brian Hudson Inc, we're committed to getting the edge on our competition.  So while the rest of the folkies are holing up in their shanties across the Crescent City, striking campfires and communing through song, we're donning suit and tie as we prepare to strike important business relations with the man.  

Anyway, I just wanted everyone to know that we're still working smart over here at Brian Hudson Inc.  


Not to worry though Texans, we're still keeping regional offices in our favorite cities.  Feel free to check the Shows section of this site to find out when we'll be open for business.

Also, for all you planners, the Tomball show at Main St. Crossing has been moved to September 20...

The Last Day of Summer

According to my Droid, the temperature will not crest ninety degrees over the next five days.  In honor of the longest summer I've yet seen and its last day, I have created a fresh newsletter to help catch y'all up on affairs here at Brian Hudson Inc.  Bon apetit...

Note from Minnesota

We’ve been having a great time folks.  We’ve had the privilege of seeing much of the American Mid and North West and have been enjoying the cooler weather up in these parts. 

Since Harlan won the million dollar guitar and got to perform at Telluride almost three weeks ago, we’ve been through Utah, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, and Minnesota playing gigs, seeing old buds, and making some new ones on our way.  We’ve performed at yoga studios, wineries, bars, coffee shops, parties, and after-parties as well.  One after-party in particular landed us under a brilliant display of stars beside a scene at Idaho’s Red Fish Lake that might make old Bob Ross blush with envy (if he wasn’t dead). 

 We also played a gig where there were more dogs than people.  It got me in a sentimental mood missing the hound I had to leave on the farm. 


Now before we part ways, Harlan and I want to point you guys toward a very special upcoming show at Flipnotics in Austin on July 23rd.  Not only will this be a homecoming show of sorts me and ol’ Harl, but we’re also going to have the privilege and honor of hearing the great Owen Temple and Adam Carroll as they interpret the music of legendary country music songwriter Gary Floater.  Me and Matt might end up doing a Floater song as well, so save your ears for this great bill folks!

Matt and I also want to thank the following people for the kindness they’ve shown us on our tour: John Wilson in Houston, John and Lori in Duluth, Mike Swenson for the hang in Bismarck, James in Bismarck, Reba in Ogden (for a rich hang on a work night), Lee Penn Sky and Callie for digs in Boise, Marsha and Denise in Sandpoint, Mary Louise and Patty Zapp in Missoula, and Parker Graves and family in Billings. 


Check out the new newsletter for more propaganda!



Harlan Won Telluride Troubadour Competition

We got to the Telluride Bluegrass Festival on the 16th.  Matt won a slot, out of 600 contestants, to compete against nine other singer/songwriters from around the country in the Troubadour Competion held here annually.  Anyway, he won the thing yesterday, and so we’re gearing up to watch him singer-songwrite his way into the hearts of about a zillion stoned Festivarians tonight before the Decemberists take the stage!   Way to go Matt!

The Telluride Festival gets the Hudson/Harlan thumbs up.  Also, big thanks to Mateo Meany and his roomie Sarah for the Denver digs and the morning hang and big breakfast.  



Hudson and Harlan Hit Marfa

Somewhere between Ft. Davis and Marfa, TX.


Yesterday we got into Marfa, TX after a stay at the La Quinta in Ft. Stockton.  On our way we stopped off at the Balmorhea swimming hole and took a dip there.  So far, we’re having a lot of fun... we’re hitting some old haunts and some new ones too... hanging out with old friends, hanging out with new friends.  I’d like to just real quick thank our gracious hosts in Angelo: Shawn Lewis for the digs and house concert and Toni at Fifi’s for the gig.  Also, big thanks to the Library in Ft. Stockton for funding our concert at the Zero Stone Park. 

Okay, so Marfa, in case you hadn’t heard has a reputation for being a strange and interesting place.  But it’s not just empty promo buzz; this place is unlike any small town I’ve visited.  There’s an eclectic mix of hipsters and cowboys haunting the streets on Saturday night, and people are talkative, snarky, and like to mix it up.  That seems to hold true for the locals as well as the visitors.

Last night, we met and got to hang out with a writer from Pitchfork, the lead singer of the El Orbits and Banana Blender Surprise (Sir David Bebe), and also, good ol’ Bo Hill just happened to be in town buying an airstream. 

It was an oddly familial gathering.  By some Marfan magic, Bo happened to know David’s little brother, the writer chick (who was visiting from New York) knew some member of David’s family, I knew Bo, and Matt and David knew each other from Houston.  As Matt noted, despite our somewhat random convergence in Marfa, there was a nexus connecting all of us to one another. 

Speaking of things no one seems to be able to account for, we’re going to try to see the Marfa lights tonight... and tomorrow we’re going to play on Marfa public radio (93.5), and head down to Terlingua for a gig at the Starlight Theater, and then we’re headed to New Mexico.  Tell your peeps!

Note to Mama... so far the road has been friendly kind to us.  The van seems trust-worthy, we're eating enough, and almost sleeping enough.  

More soon...




I'm rededicating this section of my page to describing my experience touring through the American West and Midwest.  Tomorrow morning, Matt Harlan's driving in from Houston and we're meeting at my parents' house where we're going to pack the van, rehearse, and head out for the first in a long string of gigs that will employ us for the next two months.  We'll be visiting places I've never been and revisiting some old havens as well.  

If you know me, you probably know how much I've obsessed over the idea of picking up and leaving Austin lately.  The reasons I stay are not completely clear to me, but at least one of them is undeniably legitimate: there's no better place to make music than Austin, TX... there are other places to make music, but none has the density of musicians and venues that we have.  But my desire to gtf out of here persists... so I'm hoping that a long music tour does the trick and satisfies the wanderlust. 

Other stuff that might be of interest...


In case you don't know already, this upcoming tour was the product of a joint hustling effort by myself and Matt.  There was no agent.  Since I'd approached Matt about joining me on this tour, most of the onus was on me, at least initially, to get some dates on the books.  And so for three months I devoted most of my time to rustling up gigs that I found through friends and the internet.  

At the beginning of May, I decided I was done and stopped booking.  And almost immediately I felt an emptiness of purpose overtake me.  

So when I tried to fill the vacuum with music-writing, I couldn't.  Somehow, over the course of my adult-life, I've grown addicted to working.  But the working mindset, the business-oriented brain, once again revealed itself to be the enemy of the creative mindset.  I think needed to rehabilitate from what Jack Wilson calls the "booking frenzy."  That's where you turn yourself into a multitasker and list-maker to the extent that you can't focus on anything for more than a few minutes... anyway, song-writing usually requires at least a half-an-hour of attention, so it wasn't happening for me.  

I'm hoping my attention span and the sense that I'm alive finds me again on the road.  And just in case you're thinking of becoming a booking-agent, I've found that it's not only hard work but it also kind of fucks you up in the process.  And in case you're getting a booking agent, don't be pissed off when they suck 15% of your take away.  Just be greatful you didn't book the show yourself and write a check!


I'll be hanging out at Icenhauer's tonight (83 Rainey Street) after 8pm.  Please come say hello/goodbye!

If you've got friends in West Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Kansas, Arkansas, or East Texas, let 'em know we're coming.  

Tomorrow and Thursday, we're in San Angelo... 

With love, Brian



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