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Songs About People - Valuepak
The Hudsons
Album Cover
Released: Dec 25, 2007
Track Listing
1 Bollingreen
2 Werner McV
3 The Problem Song
4 Rosemarie
5 Golden Curls
6 Abby's Song
7 Danny
8 Song for Katie
9 Tom and Gina
10 The Man Behind the Bushes
11 Anna's Song
12 Tallboy
13 Marie
14 It Just Takes One (Live)
15 The Problem Song (Live)
16 Even When It Rains (Live)
17 The Guy From Stories (Live)
18 Intro to Whiskey (Live)
19 Whiskey (Live)
20 Where Is My Wallet (Live)
21 The Man Behind the Bushes (Live)
22 Dead Men Tell No Tales (Live)
23 Gringoland (Live)
24 Party in the Sun (Live)
25 Robeats Acoustic Cafe (Live)

Liner Notes

Songs About People was originally released in 2003.  A second edition called Songs About People - Valuepak was released in 2007 and included a second CD recorded live in the KVRX studio entitled Other Songs About Things and Stuff.

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